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Why should your professional service firm offer Advisory Services.

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Advisory Services, facilitating client success

There is no need to go to the considerable investment in training and time to launch an advisory offering within your practices as this valuable service can be outsourced to Kinetic and embedded in your product portfolio.

We believe Professional services firms should offer advisory services for several reasons:

  1. Added value to clients: Offering advisory services provides clients with additional value beyond the core services you typically provide. This can help build deeper relationships with clients and increase client loyalty.

  2. Increased revenue: Advisory services can be a significant revenue generator for professional services firms. These services often come with higher fees than core services, providing an additional source of income for the firm.

  3. Differentiation from competitors: Offering advisory services can help professional services firms differentiate themselves from competitors. It can help firms stand out in a crowded market and attract new clients.

  4. Utilisation of expertise: Professional services firms have deep expertise in their respective industries/sectors. Offering advisory services allows you to leverage this expertise and provide clients with valuable insights and recommendations.

  5. Adaptability to changing client needs: As client needs evolve, professional services firms must adapt to remain relevant. Offering advisory services can help firms stay ahead of the curve and respond to changing client needs.

Overall, offering advisory services can be a strategic move for professional services firms looking to grow their business, increase revenue, and differentiate themselves from competitors.

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