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How do you make your business less reliant on you & Maximise its Value ?

At a networking event today, 3 business owners all had a similar problem to solve- How do they make the business less reliant on them and at the same time maximise its value.

Many owners run their business to fund their lifestyle and that of family members, but do not focus on maximising business value when thinking of exiting or stepping back to optimise the price. Too much time is spent working ‘in’ rather than ‘on’ the business, consequently making less profit, finding there is never enough time and getting a much lower amount when they come to exit than if they had planned, ahead, often leaving money on the table.

To take the necessary steps is not always easy and that is why we designed a half day course to start to tackle some of these key issues.

How we help maximise your Business

The Maximising Business Value workshop will take you through a step-by-step process to optimise performance, polish your business effectiveness and ultimately prepare for sale at the best possible return when you are ready or enable you to take a more strategic outlook while others "do the work".

Who will benefit?

•Business owners & family members

•Division managers in larger companies looking to improve profit

•Managers wanting to reduce waste and cut risk

What’s covered?

In the workshop we step through the most appropriate tools and methodologies for your business to produce a clear plan of action, here’s an example:

•Now Where How

•Ten step business value maximiser process

•Profit improvement – waste (cost) reduction

•Growth – four ways to grow a business

•Minimise risk – Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA)

•One Page Plan

Practical outcomes, not theory.


•Gain an understanding of how to maximise business value.

•Know how to improve profit through waste elimination.

•Appreciate how to minimise risk.

•Take away an implementation action plan.

If a half day course is not appropriate for you then the move to work on rather than in your business is of course already built into you regular coaching sessions.

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