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What is a Business Angel Network?

A business angels network is a group of individual angel investors who come together to pool their financial resources, expertise, and networks to invest in early-stage or startup companies. These networks are formed to facilitate the process of identifying and evaluating investment opportunities, as well as to provide support and guidance to the entrepreneurs and startups they invest in.

Angel investors are typically high-net-worth individuals who invest their own capital in promising businesses in exchange for equity. They often provide more than just funding and can offer valuable mentorship, industry connections, and strategic guidance to the entrepreneurs they invest in.

By joining a business angels network, individual angel investors can leverage the collective expertise and resources of the group. Networks provide a platform for sharing deal flow, conducting due diligence on potential investments, and pooling capital to make larger investments. They also enable angel investors to diversify their investment portfolios by participating in a broader range of opportunities than they might be able to access individually.

Business angels networks can vary in structure and organisation. Some networks are formalised organisations with dedicated staff, while others are more informal and rely on the collaboration and participation of the network members. The primary goal of these networks is to enhance the success rate of their investments by leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of the angel investors involved.

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